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The Night Day


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Keffer Keffer

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Few photographers capture the seductive restlessness of the nightlife like Keffer does. His "The Night Day" project has captivated us for years, showing Paris nightlife through evocative black and white images. Paris is notorious for its nightlife, Keffer gathered images of wild, unmissable parties, shooting portraits of strangers and recognizable people of the underground scene, teasing us with a peek. Keffer's photos are unfiltered. The photographer's eye recorded through eye-camera the darkness, the deep vibes, and probably the trashy feeling about that, too. These moments are memories that might have gotten lost in the boozy, woozy haze of last Friday night, except they were caught candid and uncompromised. Thanks to his recognizable style, Keffer became one of the most well-known nightlife photographers on the globe right now. His talent and flirtatious charm not only gain him access to parties that would normally block a camera at every expense, but they land him pics worthy of the nightlife history books. Collecting his life by night it's possible to catch a brief and beautiful glimpse into "the other side" of Paris. But of course they leave you yearning for more.

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Night Day

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Night Day

Updated: 11.08.2022
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